Soup of the day with home-baked bread 950 kr.

Cured Icelandic salmon with sauce,

fennel salad and home-baked bread 2590 kr.

Main Course

Fish dishes – locally caught in Strandir

Pan-fried cod with rice and salad 3890 kr.

Meat dishes

Grillað lambafille  með hvítlauksristuðum sveppum,

steiktum kartöflum og salati 5290 kr.

Oven-baked chicken with fried potatoes and salad 4090 kr.


Vegetarian dishes

Couscous, salad and a selection of fresh vegetables 3290 kr.

Light meals

Toasted sandwich with salad and French fries2050 kr.

Big bowl of hearty soup with home-baked bread 1890 kr.


Chocolate cake 1190 kr.

Carrot cake 1190 kr.

Cheesecake 1190 kr.

Skyr with blueberries and cream 1390 kr.