Soup of the day with home-baked bread 950 kr.

Cured Icelandic salmon with sauce,

fennel salad and home-baked bread 2290 kr.

Main Course

Fish dishes – locally caught in Strandir

Pan-fried cod with rice and salad 3690 kr.

Boiled lightly-salted cod with potatoes and vegetables 3690 kr.


Meat dishes

Grillað lambafille  með hvítlauksristuðum sveppum,

steiktum kartöflum og salati 4990 kr.

Oven-baked chicken with fried potatoes and salad 3590 kr.


Vegetarian dishes

Couscous, salad and a selection of fresh vegetables 2850 kr.

Pasta with a mushroom and cream sauce and garlic bread 2650 kr.

Light meals

Toasted sandwich with ham and cheese 850 kr.

Toasted sandwich with salad and French fries 1750 kr.

Big bowl of hearty soup with home-baked bread 1550 kr.


Chocolate cake 1050 kr.

Carrot cake 1050 kr.

Cheesecake 1050 kr.

Skyr with blueberries and cream 1200 kr.

Waffle with whipped cream and jam 900 kr.